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Mystic of the Blazing Oasis
Desert Aquatic Mystic
Dam: Wild
Sire: Wild
Birth Song: None
Current Song: None
- Offspring -
- Traits -
Mystic Strands, Fins, Combination Tail (Finned x Tufted), Large Ears, Fin Ears, Horn Nubs, Back Fin, Leonine Mane
- Features -
Aquatic Desert Mystic
- Abilities -
As a Fire Mystic she has the ability to summon and control heat without herself being affected by it. Due to living underwater she lacks the ability to summon actual flames for more than a moment, but can bring the water around her to a boil and control which portion of the water grows heated. This allows her to create narrow barriers of impassable water. She is also slightly clairvoyant.
- Equipped Items -

Bear Claw Necklace
- Extras -
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