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Mystic of the Mysterious Rhythms
Tribal Desert Lamanayr Mystic
Dam: Wild
Sire: Wild
Birth Song: None
Current Song: Song of the Forgotten Rhythms
- Offspring -
Shifter of the Spirit's Rhythms
Mystic of Surging Spray
- Traits -
Large Ears, Reduced Foot Tufts, Large Hooves, Tufted Tail, Pure Black Eyes, Head Mane, Combination Wings (Butterfly x Draconic), Mystic Strands, Multiple Horns
- Features -
- Abilities -
He's an Air Mystic, which means that he can easily predict the weather, and also control it to some extent. Well, he can't really control it, but he can help it along - holding back rain, bringing clouds forth more quickly, that kind of thing. He is also slightly clairvoyant.
- Equipped Items -

Trait Amulet - Multiple Horns
- Extras -
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