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Song of the Antediluvian Firmament
ID: 254 Status: Closed
- Description -

If you would like to join this song, please PM either Pristine on Pony Island. If you would like to breed with this song, please PM Pristine AND the owner of the mare you would like to breed with on PI.

There are more beings that inhabit the earth than inhabit the air; even the magnificent beasts gifted with flight must, at some point, land on solid ground, leaving the antediluvian firmament for the safety of the well-explored and stable. The skies will always be a distant curiosity, a faint whiff of an unexplored territory; they will always create a longing in the ground-dwellers to explore them, and be free.

- Lead Stallion -
Grandeur of Ancient Ruins
Owned by Pristine
- Lead Mare -
Babble of the Frothing Skies
Owned by Starwind

- Mares -
Rush of Ensorcelled Joy
Owned by silvermoondragon
Sibyl of the Infinite Sky
Owned by LvSoulFriend
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