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Song of the Ascending Aether
ID: 129 Status: Pair
- Description -

Rays of sunlight fall upon the earth from on high. You reach a cliff edge overlooking the ocean, the sky stretching for miles and miles out ahead of you. The sea's waves crash into the sharp cliff face and you feel a sweep of wind. Deep in the reaches of the clouds above, you see two Mystics caught in a dance. One is bright and fiery like the morning sun, and the other is swirled and soft like the sea. They notice you and descend to the ground, a flurry of wings and feathers. Each bows to you, respectfully. The stallion's proud gaze is both protective and suspicious, while the mare looks on like an old friend. You feel at ease, and they speak with soft tones.

"This is the Song of the Ascending Aetheyr..." whispers the stallion, folding his many wings over his body. "I am Jewelledsky~ Mystic." He does not say anything further, but you can't shake the feeling that he is welcoming you in his own way. The mare giggles and steps to the side, smiling.

"I am Chuyrningocean~ Mystic." she says, voice bright and joyous. "We both hope you enjoy youyr stay heyre."

- Lead Stallion -
Mystic of the Jewelled Sky
Owned by Harroway
- Lead Mare -
Mystic of the Churning Ocean
Owned by Harroway

- Offspring -
Jewel of the Ocean Mist
Foal of Mystic of the Churning Ocean
Song of the Warring Affections
Sibyl of the Jewelled Cloud
Foal of Mystic of the Churning Ocean
Song of the Wandering Spirits
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