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Song of the Crystal Falls
ID: 184 Status: Semi-Open
- Description -

As you reach the top of the narrow switchback winding up the mountain next to a raging crystal clear waterfall, you come to a small valley bowl with a small lake in the center. Pouring into the lake is another waterfall flowing down the back of the valley from the icy snowcaps above. You look around the valley and notice that there is a well worn path that leads up the the waterfall and disappears. Just as you step forward to investigate, a small winged equine steps from the trees along the edge of the valley followed by two more small winged equines, one with a single horn. They stare at you and you stare back for a moment before the first one speaks, "Welcome to ouyr home, we have been expecting you since you stayrted up the path."

This is a semi-open song. All Samanayrs may be used without permission except for Out of the Blue. If you want to breed Out of the Blue, please contact LBPhoenix either on PI or the Samanayr forum for permission.

- Lead Stallion -
Blue of the Open Sky
Owned by silvermoondragon
- Lead Mare -
Stillness of the Mazarine Sun
Owned by silvermoondragon

- Mares -
Out of the Blue
Owned by LBPhoenix
Breath of the Fleeting Rainbow
Owned by Echos
- Offspring -
Luminosity of the Blue Sun
Foal of Stillness of the Mazarine Sun
Song of the Plentiful Plume
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