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Song of the Fiery Spirits
ID: 028 Status: Semi-Open
- Description -

Flame of Serpents Dancing and Flicker both require permission. The other mares do not.

- Lead Stallion -
Strider of the Turquoise Horizon
Owned by Jennalyn
- Lead Mare -
Flames of Serpents Dancing
Owned by JadeEye

- Mares -
Steam of the Shining Flames
Owned by Janalee
Owned by Britain
Fires of Encasing Ice
Owned by Lainie
- Offspring -
Dancer of the Jagged Dawn
Foal of Flames of Serpents Dancing
Song of the Dawn Music
Hiss of the Acid Ember
Foal of Flames of Serpents Dancing
Song of the Dying Embers
Spark of the Slumbering Flame
Foal of Flicker
Song of the Inspired Affection
Speaker of the Listening Heavens
Foal of Fires of Encasing Ice
Not currently in a Song
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