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Song of the Grand Adventure
ID: 400 Status: Semi-Open
- Description -

Hunter and Sprite do not require permission to breed.
Mystic requires LvSoulFriend's permission in order to breed.

- Lead Stallion -
Hunter of the Frigid Tundra
Owned by Bluestarwolf12
- Lead Mare -
Sprite of the Painted Pinna
Owned by Jennalyn

- Mares -
Mystic of a Hidden Land
Owned by LvSoulFriend
Hadal of the Storm's Treat
Owned by Nova Night
Wayfarer of the Tawny Steppe
Owned by AsaraDragon
- Offspring -
Embark of the Adventurous Soul
Foal of Mystic of a Hidden Land
Not currently in a Song
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