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Song of the Ocean's Kiss
ID: 145 Status: Closed
- Description -

A small stallion gallops up behind you and says in a joyful voice "Welcome to the Song of the Ocean's Kiss! We'rye so happy you could stop on by!" A few other heads pop up behind the bushes and smile before romping out to join their stallion. You quickly notice that all of them wear beautiful sea shells to decorate their manes or tails and they all look like they are ready to jump into the water at the beach. "As you can tell we love the sea."e; pipes up one of the mares in a shy voice.

The stallion grabs your attention again, "Take a look around! Maybe you can apply for a breeding from us one day!" They scamper around some more before leaving you by yourself.

- Lead Stallion -
Star of the Eager Shore
Owned by Bright Promise
- Lead Mare -
Whisper of the Soft Surf
Owned by Bright Promise

- Mares -
Sparkle of the Clear Sea
Owned by Bright Promise
Sea of Tranquil Coasts
Owned by Bright Promise
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