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Song of the Torrential Threat
ID: 446 Status: Semi-Open
- Description -

While Thrill seems scary, what with his name and back fin, he's quite a goof-ball, cheerfully sneaking up on visitors and surprising them. Often scaring them, mostly without meaning to!

Thrill requires permission from LvSoulFriend, simply so she knows what's going on!

Deluge and Cove both require permission from their owners!

Frill is free to use for anyone!

- Lead Stallion -
Thrill of the Pebbled Shark
Owned by LvSoulFriend
- Lead Mare -
Owned by tbiris

- Mares -
Misery of the Frothing Vent
Owned by Biadora
Cove of the Xanthic Kelp
Owned by Jaes
Frill of the Pastel Reef
Owned by Pristine
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