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Song of the Wandering Spirits
ID: 230 Status: Semi-Open
- Description -

As you are traveling through the forest you hear the sounds of a group of small creatures moving nearby. Soon a head pushes through the foliage, followed by a scaly equine body. Emerging on the path the creature stops and looks up at you with cautious interest. As you watch four other brightly colored equines follow him out. They watch you for a few minutes, then continue on their way.

The Song of the Wandering Spirits is a semi-open Song. Veil and Drift do not require permission to breed with. All other mares and Gyre require permission from their respective fosterer. If your breeding is successful please let me know so that I can add the foal to the offspring list.

Gyre's Song is a nomadic one, not settled at any hotspring but rather traveling around to see the world.

- Lead Stallion -
Gyre of the Bleached Sands
Owned by Origami_Dragon
- Lead Mare -
Veil of the Dusted Sun
Owned by Kendarath

- Mares -
Gem of the Scattered Sky
Owned by Esperanza
Sibyl of the Jewelled Cloud
Owned by Harroway
Drift of the Swaying Tide
Owned by Bluestarwolf12
- Offspring -
Foal of Drift of the Swaying Tide
Song of the Abyssal Reef
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