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Song of the Warrior's Cry
ID: 293 Status: Semi-Open
- Description -

Cackle leads his Song through the forests and field around the Hot Springs for adventure and survival. A traveling Song, it tends to stick around places of plentiful flora as to be able to find what is needed for survival..

Mares of all lineage are welcomed to join, but it is highly reconmended that they have some way of protective themselves! Need that be horns, claws, magic, or what have you. Cackle would like mares that can put up with his biting sarcasm, and any arrogance will be crushed. This is not for the pampered.. Also, any thing that can hamper their movement (long fur, etc) or is fragile (butterfly wings, etc)

You need permission from WOLFRYSK to breed with Shadow.

- Lead Stallion -
Cackle of the Far Wilds
Owned by HybridSiren
- Lead Mare -
Recline of the Cooling Flame
Owned by Tasmen

- Mares -
Sting of Sharp Poison
Owned by Shlee
Rue of the Mortal Sting
Owned by CosmicDragon
Shadow of the Summer Day
Owned by wolfrysk
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