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Song of the Winged Suspicion
ID: 062 Status: Closed
- Description -

Small yellow wings twitch as the stallion listens with interest to the animated story of the albino mare, her wings flaring to make her points. In this hidden area of the woods, they are safe from prying eyes, though the bright sound of laughter rings from time to time through the trees.

BrilliantDawn belongs to MadMooCow; Flash belongs to Sera.

- Lead Stallion -
Towering of the Waking Forest
Owned by seraaches
- Lead Mare -
Mystic of the Brilliant Dawn
Owned by MadMooCow

- Mares -
Jewel of the Forest's Reflection
Owned by LvSoulFriend
Flash of the Brilliant Light
Owned by seraaches
- Offspring -
Mystic of the Jungle Wind
Foal of Mystic of the Brilliant Dawn
Song of the Deep Forest
Mystic of the Tropical Storm
Foal of Mystic of the Brilliant Dawn
Not currently in a Song
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