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 Post subject: Local area map and info
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:45 pm 
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I've been working on some simple maps of the Hotsprings and the local area. I would like to clean them up at some point, but here's a local map in the meantime: ... calmap.gif

- The majority of the area is forested. The climate is temperate, with warm summers and cold, snowy winters, and the trees are a mixture of coniferous and deciduous.

- Small paths lead through the forest that are easy for the Samanayrs to follow but much too small for larger creatures, like the Sharians, and these paths are not noted on the map.

- There is a larger path that leads from the main road to the Expedition HQ. The entrance to Kenist Miana Ranch is not quite opposite the entrance to the Hotsprings. Both entrances are unmarked and gated. Both paths are hard-packed dirt.

- The Expedition HQ building is constructed mostly out of wood and stone. There is a broad porch and the building is four stories high with a landing platform on the roof. The first two stories are currently in use by the Sharians and the top two are empty. There are also several outbuildings in the HQ clearing.

- The Song of the Rainbow hotspring is a very short distance from the HQ. The hotspring itself is larger than the others with several terraced levels underwater and shallow steps at several points for easy access.

- Smaller hotsprings are scattered through the forest. Some have their own clearings and some share clearings with other hotsprings. They were constructed out of stone by the Sharians and are all fed by unseen underground springs that the Sharians also channeled into the individual pools. Small paths run between the hotsprings.

- A stream runs through the area from north to south. The water is fresh and usually quite cold.

- There are several larger clearings, three in the north and one in the south. The main gathering clearing, where events such as the Festival of New Spring are held, is the clearing closest to the HQ.

- Plentiful grazing and forage can usually be found in the fields and forest within a day's travel from the Hotsprings. The Sharians are willing to barter with the Samanayrs for additional fodder, particularly in the leaner winter months.

- Wildlife in the area is typically what you'd expect for this kind of forest but also with a scattering of magical creatures thrown in. Oquiesas are fairly rare in the area, dragonets more common, and escaped magical constructs are a very rare occurrence.

- The Hotsprings are located in Sharian lands. Currently the only sentient inhabitants in the area are Sharians, Enkeyns, Samanayrs, and the occasional other non-human. Amanayrs sometimes travel through but aren't local to the area. Humans are not permitted in this particular part of the Sharian lands - not that that always stops them...

- Most of the sentient races travel either in the air or along the main road, very rarely through the forest itself. Samanayrs, due to their small size, would probably be better off traveling along the edge of the road or in the outskirts of the forest.

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