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 Post subject: Autumn Showers (Open)
 Post Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 8:48 am 
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((Sooo...I've been wanting to play with her for a bit, and get back into RP in general. Finally got an idea for the begining of a RP, so here's Spectrum come to play! And yes, I know it's not autumn yet, but it feels like it here.

This RP is open for all to join. However, if more than one person join I would like to strongly request that everyone stick to a turn-based responce pattern so that no one gets left out and misses a chance to react. Please...wait until either everyone else has posted or it's been several days before posting again.))


It was a clear, crisp, beautiful autumn day, scarcely a cloud in the sky; cool, but not yet cold. After a long, hot summer the air felt deliciously cool and fresh against the skin as a faint breeze swirled early fallen leaves through the sky. And high above the trees another form danced and twisted through the sky, seemingly as aimlessly adrift as those leaves.

High in the sky Spectrum danced, singing a soft little breathy tune that the breezes snatched away. She could feel rain, just out of reach, and while she had little weather magic, she could still try to call it to come sooner. And so she sang and danced in the clear sky, content in herself and near oblivious to the world around her. Finally, as her song seemed to near its end, she turned to face the freshening breeze and paused in the air. Her long mane and tail swirled around her as she seemed to stand on empty air, wings barely stirring as she held them outstretched the the breeze. The final notes of her song rang out into near silence, and for a moment everything seemed to stand still. Then, out of the few scattered clouds, a fine, misty rain began to fall through the sunny sky.

Spectrum laughed, a clear, bell-like chiming sound, and stretched her neck up towards the sky. "Yrain, yrain, gentle yrain, how I missed you these dyry sunny days," she murmered as the drops slowly coated her scales and saturated her mane. The Rainbow Elemental resumed her happy sky-dancing, twisting and twining fluidly through the drizzle, admiring the way the sun and rain on her scales made them seem to glow until she was surrounded by a misty cloud of rainbow lights. As she laughed and danced through the sky the mare began to call upon her magic more directly, twisting around to regard the sky above. "Yrainbow, yrainbow, won't you come out to play deayr cousin, deayr fyriend?"

Anyone below with the ability to sense magic would have felt the balance shift, felt water move to the gentle mare's call, and then, clear to all to see, a rainbow appear to span the heavens. At Spectrum's trilling whistle a secondary bow appeared, fainter and reversed, but still clear. She looked approvingly up at the lovely double rainbow filling the misty, drizzly, sunny skies. Oh, how she loved the colors, the magic of the rainbow! How she'd missed seeing them up in the skies while the summer heat and storms had reigned. A waterfall's mist just wasn't the same as the huge span filling the sky...

Her rainbow settled for as long as this rainny day lasted Spectrum drifted down lower, down to the treetops to drift and watch. Perhaps if she was lucky some of the others she knew must be living in this area would come out to see as well. She did so like to admire the many shapes and colors that the Kin came in. They were practically like a living rainbow themselves in some ways! Some more than others, but it was always a pleasure to see what new color combination they might be next. But if they didn't come out? Ah well, there was always the rainbow itself to admire. Settling in comfortably, taking a lounging pose a few inches above the damp leaves, Spectrum relaxed, alternately admiring the double rainbow above and the miniature rainbows dancing on the raindrops around her scales as the warm rain slowly soaked through her fur.

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