Mini adventures! (Open Rp)
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Author:  RikkuGirl [ Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Mini adventures! (Open Rp)

(Anyone my join. Please allow for others to post or one day time limit. :) id like for it to keep going. intro in and out please. :) all normal rules apply. wooo)

The weather was with lack of a better word...perfect. The sun was shining and the forest was buzzing with life. Food was abundant and creatures of all types could be spotted throughout the lush forest. Hidden within the protection of a tree, a small set of eyes stares out. Flitting from right to left, they observe small bugs that pass by.

A small mare pops her head from the hole in the tree, a smile across her face.
"Mmmm..." she says as she jumps out unexpectedly. She darts after a butterfly and eats it out right, feeling it crunch in her mouth. She was an omnivore not like other minayrs.


With a full belly she stops mid flight. She drops from the air and falls to the ground. Her fall is broken by a patch of thick flowers, their leaves large and soft. She sighs happily and closes her eyes, the sun warming her as she slips into a light nap.

Author:  Seren [ Thu Dec 13, 2012 8:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mini adventures! (Open Rp)

((Popping in with this~))


The small stallion trotted along the forest floor, peering around as his luscious curls bounced here and there with each jogging step. It was too hot for him to fly, his little faery wings would surely make added heat to the already warm and buzzing day. But this was alright, surely walking – or trotting – would get out more of his energy, no doubt his lovely and ever so sweet mares would enjoy the break from his constant moving around. He would just have to snuggle in between them and fall asleep, and doubtlessly they would be pleased with that. Even under the shielding leaves, he could feel the sun. The sun, on days like this, made his hair gain extra volume. But that wasn’t a bad thing, because it made his mares laugh, and he loved to make them laugh!

With a yawn, the dashing little winter-loving Minayr traveled on. He wanted to find something that would cheer up their home – something that would make his beautiful and vibrant mares happy. Flowers could work – maybe he could try and plant some flowers for them… or a baby mint bush, either or would be fantastic. Zip yawned again, waving his fan tail back and forth in an attempt to make the unending heat go away. He liked warmth in the winter, when it was cold out and everyone liked to snuggle together.

As he trotted along, his faery wings rasping softly against one another, he noticed a large patch of flowers through the trees. Perfect! Maybe he would be able to find the perfect flowers for his mares, but not until after he loop-de-looped for them – to show how excited he was for being home, of course. Bounding into the flowers, he sniffed around. Looking at the leaves of these flowers reminded him of his favorite, and very succulent mint leaves. With his eyes half shut he reached out to pull off and nibble on one of the leaves – imagining his little stash he left at home. But instead of a mildly squishy leaf, he felt a furry, though sweet smelling, thing between his teeth.

Author:  RikkuGirl [ Fri Dec 14, 2012 6:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mini adventures! (Open Rp)

Lush's eyes fly open as she feels someone or something chewing on her ear. Her heart pounds as she thinks quickly of what it could be. Without more thought, she squealed out "Owie!". Her body spun around to her feet, pulling her ear from his hungry mouth.

"Why did you do that?!" she blurted out as their eyes locked. She breathed deeply as she stared him down, hoping for a simple answer. Her antennas twitch as she tries to make full light of her current situation. The sun continued to shine on the small creatures, ever warming their pelts. Her tan colors seemed to blend together in the sins raise, giving her a soft and warm glow. Her head cocked to the side as she eyed the male, she liked his curly hair but couldnt understand how his curls were kept so well...certainly a stallion could not uphold beauty techniques? She snorts and waits for his reply.

Author:  Seren [ Fri Dec 14, 2012 9:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mini adventures! (Open Rp)

The minute he heard Owie!, Zip knew something wasn’t right. Rather than a succulent leaf that he would pretend was a mint leaf, there was an… ear? between his teeth. But the ear was pulled away as the owner of such a nice smelling body part spun around, clearly started – or at least upset. Uh-oh.

This was one of those moments where he knew he shouldn’t lie, less he wanted to be in a world of hurt. Zip’s big red eyes stayed trained on the soft brown eyes of the mare before him. He would sound ridiculous if he told her the truth as to why he had accidentally nipped her ear… Zip sighed softly and dropped his head a bit sadly, his furry brown antenna flopping forward almost comically.

“I’m sorry pretty lady-mare…” Zip finally said, looking up at her creamy-tan face. “I was thinking about my mint leaves at home and I was going to eat a leaf, but I didn’t see that it was your lovely ear instead of a leaf because I had my eyes closed.”

Zip scuffed his brown talons through the flower strewn grass and soil. His multi-colored wings rasped softly against one another as he lifted his head up a bit to look at the Minayr. He hoped she wouldn’t be too angry with him, and would want to talk instead. From what he had heard so far, she had a nice voice, even though he’d only heard barely a sentence from her. He liked the look of her wings, and the very faint sparkle that the sun gave them when it shed its warming rays on them. They reminded him of the best snow in winter, or perhaps ice on the edges of a pond or a lake, the way they creped out in uneven, slightly jagged moves.

Author:  RikkuGirl [ Tue Dec 18, 2012 6:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mini adventures! (Open Rp)

She softened as she heard his reply, he seemed sorry. She smiled and reasserted her stance, more relaxed and less on edge. She sat down infront of him and wiggled her ear looking up at it as she did so.

"I think its fine.." she said softly as her eyes closed from her widening smile. She seemed to coo as she spoke once more. "Whats youyr name?" she couldnt help but blurt out her own before getting his reply. "...Im Lush". She seemed to wiggle excitedly in place as she waited for her answer.

He was a handsome stallion, perfect example of a proud minayr. His colors were beautiful in the sun and his curly hair was every mares dream. She almost envied his gorgeous looks, truly handsome. Her body felt warm in the sun but a sudden cold chill seemed to blow through sending shivers through her once wiggling body. Without care she looked to the sky, clouds were rolling in. They didnt seem mean...but Lush knew better.

Author:  Seren [ Tue Dec 18, 2012 3:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mini adventures! (Open Rp)

Zip blinked as he saw her relax before him, and she was even smiling too! His head perked up a bit as he looked at her as though his life depended on it. He went quiet and watched as she wiggled her nice ear, as though she were testing it out. He felt a smile sweep across his tri-colored face when she said it was fine.

“Good! I’m so glad! I… I would have felt hoyrrible if I had huyrt youyr eayr foyr good…” he glanced down in mild embarrassment, though his spirit was still soaring excitedly that this Minayr mare was going to be alright. He blinked at her question and lifted up his head a bit. “Lush…” he echoed and smiled a bit more softly. “Lush is a beautiful name, and so fitting foyr someone as pyretty as you!” in all entirety, he meant ever y word. She had beautiful colors, and how they changed from tan to white, and with those little dark speckles that adorned her, her colors definitely seemed lush to say the least.

“Oh! Oh, my name is Zip! Zip of the Minted Cocoa, yep! That’s me!” he was starting to buzz with excitement, despite the wretched heat. This mare just… brought it out of him, even if it was a hot day. She was illuminated by the sun as it held its high vigil above the land, heating and lighting all as it went along. Zip looked towards Lush when he noticed her look up towards the sky, his thick and curly mane trying to weigh him down as he set his eyes upwards. He saw clouds coming in, but they didn’t look thick and angry like rain – but then again, clouds could change too, just like feelings.

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