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Author:  Seren [ Thu Dec 13, 2012 8:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Horizons


The air was chilly, causing little steam clouds to float with every blow from the young Samanayr's nostrils. Her pure blue eyes were wide in thought as she gazed across the splinter-like treetops, precariously perched on a high branch, her strong tail muscles securing her in place.

It was a gray world today. Gray light filtering through the gray clouds in a smoky sky, dark gray mountains capped with white snow, dark gray claws of trees reaching into the air as though to tear through the cloud cover and demand sunlight. A pair of tiny wings flapped, blowing more chilled air over her face, as her delicate ears pricked to catch the crunch of snow as some creature in the woods disturbed a branch. Most days she would hurry off to investigate, darting through the trees with a playful winter wind tailing her.

But most days she was light and free and happy, no matter what weather or zephyr was tossed her way. But not today. Today, she was heavy, like a fat raincloud on a summer's day. She was lonely, and her wingbeats had no echo, and when she spoke, no one answered. It was a sad day, and the gray skies, for once, effected her. A soft sigh turned to steam in the cold, ice crystals sparkling over the branches around her that had not been touched with the solace of her heat.

She thrummed in her throat, taking off with a mighty whoosh of giant wings capable of gliding for long distances, and flying even farther. Winds whipped past her face, tugging at her muted rainbow of a tail, as she raised her head to the west, welcoming it with a soft challenging trill. She was headed to the shore, and nothing would stop her today. She needed the company of the one Samanayr who made her complete, instead of one lone trickster whisking herself through vale and hummock, teasing flocks of birds and the occasional Song, delighting foals with her silly antics and annoying the grownups.

She knew that Depths went on these journeys into the Deep, like she went up to the mountaintops, but it still sometimes plagued her that while they could explain it to one another, and would laugh at such stories, they could never quite experience them. She hurriedly huffed away the melancholy thought, diving down towards the shores, where dark gray-blue waters hugged the earth and rocks.

Author:  SilverDapples [ Thu Dec 13, 2012 10:00 pm ]
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The rolling currents pulled the grey themed, diluted rainbow mare along, gently and carelessly unlike some of the currents that were rougher and meaner. She wiggled her fins happily as she floated along. Despite what the weather was above the water, below it was fantastically warm to her. The waters were always welcoming in their warmth. Even the cold spots she might come across were still fun to her.

The light that did filter through the waters was dark and grey. Making the frothy waters above look murky for the below. But for where she was? It was still alive with life. All sorts of colors and all sorts of fishes and more and more, but that wasn’t including the Samanayrs she came across in her investigative travel. And these past few days, she had been plotting tricks to play, scoping out the territories of all these songs that were gathered here and there. She would be happy to talk to her sister upon her ideas for such glorious pranks. Perhaps she would even think up something to add into these ideas. Or maybe not, of course, maybe she would just want to talk about one another, rather than what they could do, and would have to do, alone.

That was a saddening thought to her. Her fins drooped a bit as she looked down, looking aimlessly at the sandy ground beneath at this saddening thought. It was upsetting that they were never able to be together all the time, even as babies it wasn’t… as good as it could be. Maybe she and Sirocco could spend some more time together today – weather permitting. But what if she got too cold up there? Her body was more skin than fur, and less so with the small feathers on her wings. And she knew for a fact that the winds that could blow across the waters were rough, or very cold. And she wouldn’t want her sister getting potentially sick.

And then… the ever reoccurring thought that crept forth in her mind. What was it like to fly? What did everything look like from so high up? and what did the inner lands look like? The land that you couldn’t see from where her vantage point in the deeper seas. Every time she wanted to ask, did she see something new now? What this time? Was it big? Or interesting? Better than the last interesting thing she saw? She hadn’t seen anything that would be truly interesting to her sister, not this time. She tried to swim out further than she would normally, trying to find that new and interesting thing. But next time, she really would find the greatest thing to show her sister. Maybe she could try and find her a great big shell. What would she do with that? She hadn’t a clue, but maybe Sirocco could stash it, just to make her sister happy.

Author:  Seren [ Sat Dec 22, 2012 9:15 pm ]
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Sirocco banked as the scraggly pines rose to meet her, the water's rhythmic slapping against the shore like a well-known melody to her large pointed ears. She knew this place, as it was their meeting-cove, and the place where their mother and auntie Erosion had deposited Depths once she was old enough to brave the ocean and move from their little hot spring. She remembered the sunny day, with barely a cloud in the sky, when Dive gently set a sling that held the yearling Depths inside, who had been so excited... looking back, she had to wonder if any of that trembling had been nerves as well as excitement. And then, Depths hugged the shore for a few days...they tried to stay within sight of each other for a good long time. But life pulled them in different directions, and the elemental mare found that every passing season seemed more and more like a wedge driven between them. She banked again, away from a large piece of driftwood, moving to settle in a little dip in rocky beach, her hooves softly clattering against the speckled stone, her pale blue eyes glowing as she peered across the waters.

Sad, gray, lonely day. She wondered if it would rain- it seemed slightly too warm for snow or sleet- perhaps they would get slush, nasty slush, that would force her to remain inside a cave or hollow for protection from stinging needles of icy water and the ice crystals themselves. She had once flown in a sleet-storm- never again. Sirocco was not a fragile thing drifting about on butterfly wings, but she was not impervious to cold or pain. And cold darts hitting her large membrane-wings was too much for the wild elemental. Sometimes she wondered if any Samanayr knew how to navigate storms with no trouble- perhaps some Samanayrs even enjoyed it. Odd, these ramblings that darted about like dragonflies in her mind. She didn't mind them, but they were rather empty and quiet all the same.

She lay quietly on the stone, waiting for some sign of life from the waters- despite the chill air of the day brushing against her thin coat, she still felt the stirrings of drowsiness, closing her eyes slowly.

Author:  SilverDapples [ Sat Dec 22, 2012 10:25 pm ]
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All these questions would bog her down. Depths shook her great finned head and started towards the reef that was a ways off the coast. She would be a little late for her sister, at this rate, she could tell. She hadn’t intended to let herself be carried so far away though. Perhaps that was her fault for not paying attention to the days and the nights and the distances she usually knew so well. Depths snuffed and rubbed at her face with a blue and red fore-fin. No matter, she would make up for it, of course, one way or another she would have to. Away from the current she had been riding before, she looked around the reef, at the fishes that flitted to and fro, into and out of the reef and between all the ‘plant’ life that it held. She would be here somewhere, she just had to figure out where…

“Halla?” Depths narrowed her neat blue eyes as she looked around again, trying to find the little green monster that was her new companion. She had found her the last time she and her sister had met up, and she was excited to show her to Sirocco. She would definitely get a kick out of the sweet little creature that she had made friends with. She just had to figure out where her friend had decided to hide herself – probably stuck between two rocks, fast asleep, knowing the leggy creature. A little noise alerted her to where the little green construct had been hiding previously.

“There you are! We’re late! Come on!” Depths nosed her out as best she could, trying not to hit her large, curling horn on the coral above – which she still continued to do, even though she had the wild looking thing for as long as she had been alive. A few short glubs, which could have been reprimands for pushing her along to get her to hurry up, sounded from the sweet little creature. Depths tail twitched back and forth, as though she couldn’t hold still long enough to let the construct swim along. She started following close behind, her fins bonking against the wriggling tail fin and occasionally frog-swimming hind legs. More glubs and blurbs found their way out of the little swimming companion at the pushiness of her young friend.

She trembled with excitement as they finally made it into the cove – their meeting place. A place where so many new things had begun. She shot past Halla and swam closer and closer to shore, until she was practically halfway out of the water. Her eyes were met with the sight of her sister, laying on a large rock, with her eyes shut neatly. She blinked slowly and, with her body still halfway out of the water, laid her head down onto the sand, staring up silently, intending to wait as long as it took for her to wake again. She could feel a bump against her tail fins, once, twice and three times over. Apparently Halla had finally made it too.

Author:  Seren [ Tue Dec 25, 2012 7:02 am ]
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Sirocco raised her head, pulled from the land of sleep into the waking world by a particularly chilly breeze brushing over her wide wings. Her blue eyes sparkled as she opened them suddenly, like a pair of twin aquamarines, enchanting to any watchers- but she cared not for anyone’s beautiful eyes other than her dear sister’s- she had nice eyes, the shone like the shallow waters of a cove.

Little wings behind large sculpted ears twitched excitedly as she combed the waters with her eyes, before a flash of rainbow bone greeted her eyes. She trilled and rocketed upward, her coiled lower body acting like a spring to push her up into the air, before she dive-bombed her twin sister, making high-pitched whistling noises with pure adulation. She settled down a half-moment later, little round hooves digging into the pebbles and sand, her eyes alight and fixed upon her sister.

“Depths!” She wriggled on the beach now, stretching out her nose to feel the reassuring touch of kinship. “Too long!” She thumped her long tasseled tail, eyes wide in thought and joy at being with someone else, a Samanayr who understood her so well.

Author:  SilverDapples [ Tue Dec 25, 2012 3:56 pm ]
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Depths eyes never left her sisters face until her sister awoke. It was nice to see her face again, after so long, it was a welcome sight to see. Her eyes widened in excitement when she saw that her sister was awake again. The fins on the top of her head quivered in delight and sheer excitement. Her eyes, bluer than the clearest of all skies, hers were the most beautiful eyes she had seen.

Depths perked up at the trilling sound made by her sister, and the sudden rocketing movement into the sky, where her element lay in wait. Depths let out a squeal of delight as her sister smashed into her from above, before she settled on the rocky beach in front of her. She couldn’t help but try to inch forward, further onto the sand and rock beach. She pushed her fins into the ground, trying to push herself up closer to her twin.

“Sirocco!” she chimed in return, her finned tail swiping through the shallow waters in excitement. She pushed her nose out into her sisters to return the touch in delight. “Far too long, my sweetest sister!” she bobbed her head eagerly and thrummed out happily. “I have someone for you to meet!”

Author:  Seren [ Fri Dec 28, 2012 11:17 am ]
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The soft skin on the end of their noses touched, and a little zap of energy went through Sirocco’s long thin body, her faded rainbow-tufted tail thumping against rock and sand excitedly as she trilled out a collection of joyous noises that were not quite words, her little hooves sliding in the sand. Gems glittered in the pale, washed-out light, as the mostly gray mare bobbed her head, baring little pearly whites in delight, her tail whisking back and forth over the sand and pebbles.

“Oh? Someone to meet? Is it a suyrpyrise?” She was excited to see what had happened with her sister and who this way, but at the same time, she felt a bit anxious- she had made no new friend for her sister to meet! She had spent all these days alone with the winds, and those she could not introduce to her dear sister!

Author:  SilverDapples [ Sat Dec 29, 2012 12:04 pm ]
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The excitement of the reunion was palpable; everything to Depths was sluggish and faded compared to the happiness that was coursing through her veins the longer she stayed with her sister. It was refreshing. A splendid recharge of emotions that would just barely last until the next time she saw her vibrant sister. Her many fins wiggled and flexed as she stared up at her sister, thrilling in her delight and being unable to stop it from raising her own – not that she would want to, of course. The bumping against her tail had stopped, and instead, a pinning pressure as the mage construct lay firmly on her tail fins.

“A little surprise! I saved her, and now she doesn’t leave me alone.” Depths giggled and shook her colorfully adorned head. With a bit of effort, she started moving her tail closer to the land, dragging its weighted self closer to her sister so that she could see the green fish-goat that had settled protectively on her tail.

Author:  Seren [ Tue Jan 01, 2013 7:53 pm ]
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Sirocco felt her whole body quiver, delicate skin twitching with the effect of muscles moving, her sky blue eyes glowing back at her finned sister- she loved how Depths moved her fins when excited- it always filled Sirocco with glee at how adorable she looked with those little delicate fins all a-twitching. Sirocco scrunched their muzzles together with a coo, crooning over her twin sister. Only Depths could roll over the sleek mare and expose the soft, squishy underbelly.

“Oh? Saved? Depths is a heyro!” She peered about, eyes settling on a little green creature, with a bizarre pointed not and little clompy hooves paired with fins- she was…bizarrely cute. Sirocco knew that she couldn’t be jealous if this little thing needed and cared for least Depths wouldn’t be alone now, she’d have the odd little gliding thing to join her on her swimming journeys.

Author:  SilverDapples [ Tue Jan 01, 2013 9:45 pm ]
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Depths didn’t notice the glow-y blue eyed look her sister gave her as her fins quivered. Her attention was on trying to get her tail closer to her sister, which was surprisingly hard to do. The wee beastie didn’t look it, but she was rather heavy. When her sister called her a hero, the fins on her head quivered backwards, slowly looking towards Sirocco almost shyly.

“I’m not a hero! I just… had to help her. It’s as simple as that.” Depths nodded quickly, not wanting to have herself any ‘status’ higher than her lovely twin. She just did what she thought was right. If Sirocco had been in her place, then she would have done exactly the same thing, and to that, Depths was entirely certain. “She can’t speak or anything, but she’s really smart, and she has nice big eyes!”

Halla looked up slowly at Sirocco, her small horns gleaming almost slimily in the sheltered light. Her large brown eyes focused on the gem adorned mare and she made the fainted of noises, her gills opening and closing as she breathed. Her awkward looking hind legs quivered and pawed the air a bit comically, bit it helped the construct get onto her belly. That was enough leverage to push herself out to the water whenever she felt like this was getting to be too much.

Author:  Seren [ Mon Jan 07, 2013 6:35 pm ]
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Sirocco grinned at her sister, batting her broad wings- she was precious when she was modest! The twin bobbed her head hurriedly, licking her muzzle quietly, tail swatting around in the sand. She wondered what Depths had thought about, really, during the rescue...was she nervous? Was it scary? Was their some strange attacker? What if Depths was left unprotected out there in the ocean? What if Depths never came back? The threatening panic attack was like a storm looming on the horizon, as Sirocco shivered a bit with fear.

She tried to concentrate on Halla instead. "Oh yes, she has...very big eyes!" Sirocco leaned closer to the little creature, poking out a tongue to lick her little fishy face, to taste her and see how she might react- she wanted to love the creature too, if Depths did!

Author:  SilverDapples [ Tue Jan 08, 2013 8:05 am ]
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Depths twitched her fin covered chin in thought. Why was it she that got this little friend, and not her sister? Her sister was probably just as lonely as she was… and even though she had Halla… there was no remedy for the ache her heart felt constantly. If only she had wings to fly with her sister, then neither of them would be so lonely again. But that wouldn’t happen. Depths sighed softly, the fins along her body quivering and pressing against the sandy ground, or against her body, whichever was closer, of course.

Halla let the assaulting tongue scrape across her scaly, salty face. Depths, too, had done this before, on multiple occasions, though at that time they were in the waters where almost everything tasted like salt. Slowly, with a few wiggles of her fins, she pushed up her legs, just a tiny bit, to make her finned lower half stick up in the air. She watched the sisters still, her big eyes trying to gather in everything as she remained ready to make her mad vault into the sea.

Author:  Seren [ Wed Jan 09, 2013 12:38 pm ]
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"She is veyry pyrecious!" Sirocco cooed, her tail whomping against the sand, shifting up pebbles, as round hooves and slender legs wrapped around the scaly little creature, as the young mare began preening, like she did as a younger filly to Depth's fins and gems. It was fun, those days, when they lived and slept nearly side-by-side constantly. She missed those...she loved Depths loved swimming... but what about the future? What would happen? Their momma and auntie were in a Song, would they one day join their own?

But she would want...a stallion who could fly, no? And Depths would need a stallion who could swim. She sighed softly at this even-sadder thought. She didn't like that now that they were together, she was so sad and anxious!

Author:  SilverDapples [ Wed Jan 09, 2013 8:21 pm ]
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Halla let out an almost immediate sound of displeasure at this being held by such a dry creature. In the water it was fine, but this wasn’t the water, and the construct could feel the moisture on her scales depleting at this very act. She wiggled her head around, her odd legs pumping and scraping at fin, sand and air in an attempt to be set down again. It wasn’t that she did not like the attention, merely that this waterless land was rather uncomfortable for a water-needing creature like herself.

Depths let out a soft giggle, shaking her fin adorned head at her little companion’s reaction. Tight spots didn’t bode well for her, on account of the way she had first been found, it left an unhelp-able dislike of such things in the constructs mind.

Depths sighed ever so softly as she stared up at her sister. She must really get lonely when they were not together. Perhaps, if it were like her own loneliness, darker then the underwater caverns she so boldly traveled into, then it must be crushing. But the only remedy for that would quite possibly be finding a new friend, a dragonet of sorts, perhaps. Well, she would prefer that. If it were another Samanayr, then she would lose her sisters attention. And if that friend turned out to be male… there was no saying what would be the outcome of that. Still, she liked that thought much less than the mare-friend. Her little nostrils flared as she lowered her head a bit. It would only take so long for her sister to have her attention taken by something else – something that wasn’t her. What would she do when that day came?

Author:  Seren [ Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:56 pm ]
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Sirocco did not notice the creature's discomfort until she began to struggle against her awkward hug. She was lost in thoughts, enjoying the feeling of scales and fins against her sleek pale-colored coat. She dropped the creature into the sand with surprise, and began to squeak loudly. "Oh! oh! My apologies, little wateyr-swimmeyr!" She gently nosed the creature to the water, feeling her stomach flip over and over in guilt and anger at herself for letting this happen. Now Halla would hate her, and then Depths might be mad at her, and then.... oh, what if she never wanted to meet again? The mare scooted back, making a little upset noise. "S-soyrry.... Depths..." Her little muzzle scrunched up with worry, ears pinned back against folded head wings.

Author:  SilverDapples [ Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:05 pm ]
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Halla’s fore-fins slapped against the sandy landing spot when she was dropped, even the hugging was better than that! She was scooted forward haphazardly at the nosing that the windy mare gave her. Her goatish hind legs splayed out behind her as she slowly tried to gather herself again. With a few pushes, she came close to the water, and took a peek back at the apologizing young mare. Her little dorsal fin and large tail wiggled once, before she heaved herself into the air in a spectacularly clumsy jump, that landed her deep enough into the water that she wouldn’t get hurt. Mildly she swam around to get the sand off of her, before returning to the shallows, with her little ‘nose’ poking out of the water, her big brown eyes staring up at the mares.

Depths blinked at the display of her little friend. She knew Halla wasn’t nearly that pokey about things like that. She must be trying to pull the guilt strings to get more fish for an apology for her ‘ordeal’. Depths fins twitched as she looked at Sirocco with her big eyes. “Why are you sorry?” she said with her clear voice, slowly tipping her head to the side. “Don’t let Halla upset you! She’s tougher than she seems, she just wants to get more fish, but between you and me, she doesn’t need any more.” Depths shook her massive-horn adorned head, smiling at Sirocco easily, hoping that the light joke would make her feel better about the constructs rudeness.

Author:  Seren [ Wed Jan 16, 2013 8:15 pm ]
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Sirocco's sky-blue eyes were still spread wide with the shame of dropping her sister's new friend- oh, she looked so uncomfortable, what if she had hurt the little dear thing? Would Depths leave and never come back? She knew that she was over-reacting, but her fast-beating heart still felt tight in her chest as she slapped her wings against the sand once in frustration, her eyes rather sad as she stared ashamedly down at little pebbles and shells. Maybe she wasn't very good at interacting with others anymore...she hated feeling awkward around her own twin! Her sand-matted rainbow tail twitched a bit upset-like, before she raised her head quietly, eyes wide in her face at her sister's reaction. she wasn't going to be disliked for her mistake? She practically beamed inwardly with delight and relief- oh, she wouldn't be able to stand that! Not being away from her sister for even longer as she waited for anger to cool! she looked at the brown-eyed creature, murmuring slowly* "Fish...isn't that..." The bizarre thought was quickly shaken from her mind as she happily spoke again. "I'm just glad I did not huryt the little... dayrwing?" She wasn't used to that word- her mother and aunt usually referred to her and Depths with terms like "Scamp" and "filly" rather than dear. She knew that they loved both twins though.

Author:  SilverDapples [ Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:33 am ]
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"Fish eat other fish all the time," Depths replied quickly, in hopes to clarify the odd look that was brought on at Halla's eating habits. It was true, her little beast was a strange creature, strange and with an insatiable eating habit that would not be stored away for long. Of course, Halla also ate leaves, kelp, hanging moss, but fish helped replenish her energy much faster than the other edible things that were at fin. But Depths could not quell the little giggle that tore from her fine mouth at her sisters word. "Dayrwing? Maybe she's more like a... mini monster, an MM, or maybe M-and-M, or little silent evil mastermind... The decoy of tricks unplayed," Depths laughed at the last one. That was it, that was the perfect explanation for her little construct friend. She and Sirocco would have to figure out these practical jokes immediately, before the grand idea was lost in the... wind. Depths shook her head and worked her tail fins through the water, letting out the softest of sighs.

"I love you, Sirocco," she said slowly, looking up at her sister with an air of sadness. "I wanted to find something to give to you, but I was already swimming late..." Depths little nostrils flared as she let out a sharp sighing huff. She pushed her fins into the pebble and sand beach, flicking her fins on the top of her head from front to back, first to last. "I'll try harder next time, so you can have something nice to carry around for a bit..." Halla poked her little nose out of the water as she eyed the two, already sensing the emotions that were brought up by their talk.

Author:  Seren [ Fri Jan 25, 2013 5:35 am ]
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Sirocco blinked in surprise at this fact, slowly nodding- she trusted her sister's information, as it was no likely based on experimentation and first-hand knowledge. Her sister seemed to know everything about the ocean- she'd come back and tell Sirocco about barnacles and kelp forests and currents, and Sirocco would, in her mind, stumble to make connections between sea and land. Barnacles are kind of like moss that grows on everything. Kelp forests are like the forests up here, only free-moving. Currents- well, air currents and winds of course!

Still... sometimes she wanted to see those things for herself. Not just to see them, though her curiosity was insatiable, but to share this knowledge and experience with her sister- she wasn't jealous of sister rather, but much more so of the water she called home. She hurriedly shook her head, trying to refocus, snapping into a giggle at her sister's words- monster huh? "A pyrankster? How fun!" Her long tasseled tail waved a bit to and fro, as she smiled happily at this new idea. "We should dyream up some pyranks while you ayre heyre!"

Her head tilted to the side, and her face immediately sorrowed, though she wished to cover it up- her heart beat fast at the rush of emotions she didn't want to cloud over their meeting. She stared at her sister as she spoke, her head wings drooping more and more, as she looked concerned. "No! I not feel guilty about it! I don't need any little something! I don't want it!" She shouted the last a bit- too loud. She halted, looking worried that she might have hurt her feelings, trying to stumble out. "I mean....I just....getting to see you is all I want!"

(Da feeeeeellllsssss!)

Author:  SilverDapples [ Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:23 pm ]
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Depths nodded along with her sister’s first words. Exactly what she was thinking. They could plan the pranks – though they would not be the same, not nearly as fun or fulfilling, without the other, but at least they could bond over their plans, that would be lots of fun! Right…?

She watched her sister, already sensing a reaction to her attempts to get and give her pretty things. It was that twin… sensory or premonition or whatever it was that her mom called it. When it did come out, she wasn’t sure how to react, or what to do at all. She had practically yelled at her, but those were her feelings, so she couldn’t really be that mad, right? All while she was thinking, her fins pushed back against her head and body as the wind, which was picking up and chilling her skin. A look of confusion was full on her face as her mouth opened slowly.

“I’m… sorry…” she said slowly, looking confused still. But that was all that she could really puzzle out, until she spoke again. “I just like to give you things… so you… know I’m thinking about you… even when you aren’t around…” Depths looked away, rather embarrassed at the confession she tried so hard to internalize.

But while she wasn’t looking, nor paying attention, a wave slammed into her back, forcing her further onto shore. The wave carried the little construct up onto the shore, further than Depths went, her legs flailing and fins wiggling in the air as she summersaulted into Sirocco’s tail. The wind was picking up harder too, bringing in massive dark clouds that hung over them like menacing soldiers. All this wind would make it hard to get deep enough under the water to make the waves only a minor nuisance. Depths looked back at Sirocco, and knew that she wouldn’t leave, her sister would be stuck on the ground with these mean winds and pelting rain.

“Siro,” Depths said loudly and nodded towards the cave that loomed up with the rest of the huge boulders and end of the mountain-face. “We should get in there now, it’ll be easier when the harder waves and rains and winds come!” Meanwhile, Halla wriggled on her side, plastered with wet sand as she wriggled her fins and legs, trying to get herself upright.

(Finally, a reply, gasp!)

Author:  Seren [ Sun Jan 19, 2014 8:50 pm ]
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Sirocco's striped face was screwed up in confusion and nerves, and hurriedly pulled herself closer, ducking her fine head to unhappily stammer. "I'm...I'm so sorry!" She hadn't meant to yell, the air and words had just rushed out of her in a torrent of confusion and upset feelings. She felt her pelt itch with shame and her throat closed up a bit as her breath quavered some. She shifted her giant wings around, whispering out as she stretched out her neck.

Her round hooves dug small trenches in the wet sand, that began to gather little streams of water in them, her feathered tufts of fur around her fetlocks growing wet and mucky with the gritty sand. Her tasseled tail swished across the sand as she unhappily cried out. "I'm not a good sister!" Her voice came out in a near-wail.

Suddenly, the wave swept up over the beach, hungrily sucking on their forms, and Sirocco was shocked by the tiny form being tossed over her tail like a land-bound sam leaping over a great log. She blinked at the little green creature, before turning her eyes to the cave, brow furrowed. "Well...okay..." The wind had picked up, yanking at her tufts of hair and fur, tearing her attention from her sister for the first time since the emotions had ramped up. The weather had picked up- she should have been paying attention to the air pressure and currents! She could be so useless.... She gently nosed the green creature and tried to gently pull her up onto her own shoulder's.

Author:  SilverDapples [ Mon Jan 20, 2014 8:57 am ]
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Halla was, there were no other words to describe it, thoroughly peeved. Tossed around like a chew toy, ignored, sand was starting to get under her scales, and now she was atop the sister and had no way to get safely down without help. She let out a loud, strange huffing sound, before letting herself simply flop into place between the shoulder blades of the youthful mare. Her legs splayed out behind her, and her fins gripped futilely at her neck. Halla just wanted to get back into the water where she could relax and not be thrown around by anymore waves.

Depths didn't respond to her sister's lament at her inability to be a good sister. It was nonsense! Sirocco was the best sister she ever had (and the only one, but that still didn't keep from the fact that she was the best sister in the ginormous world). "I'll meet you in there!" She said quickly, nodding and forcing herself around so that she could get back into the water to swim over to the caves. The waves where coming in harder now, beating at her and trying to push her further onto shore. Of course, she wouldn't be kept away from the place she loved and needed to survive. She pushed through the waves, diving below water just enough so that their pull wouldn't push her out of the water again. She headed straight for the caves, though she glanced back, hoping that Sirocco would be okay dragging herself across the beach. But worry for her sister broke the mad swim to the cave, and she poked her head up out of the crashing water, looking around to see where her best friend and sister was (oh, and Halla too).

Author:  Seren [ Sat Jan 25, 2014 10:29 am ]
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Sirocco, with her stubborn spirit, began to pull herself through the sand, using her powerful lower body muscles, tough hooves, and wind manipulation to slide through the sand, cutting through it like a knife through butter.

Cold butter that didn't spread easy, apparently. It was tough going, even with Sirocco's comfort level with storms. She kept the dark shape of the cave in her vision, slowly growing larger as she continued forward, bearing her little passenger through it. Her blue eyes gleamed as she peered through the haze of driving rain, trying to glimpse some rainbow gems on occasion, wanting to see her beautifully-hued sister diving amongst the waves. She worried for her even now.

They neared the opening of the cave despite the struggle, looking relieved now.

Author:  SilverDapples [ Sat Jan 25, 2014 10:15 pm ]
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Depths thought she saw her sister and her little pet trudging -pushing, really- along through the wind and atop the sand. But her view was blocked by a wave that wanted to toss her around like a feather in a gale storm. She dived under again, hurriedly swimming to the cave and practically bursting out in the calmer waters. She shoved her way up onto the stone and sand that resided in the caves, staring at her sister and Halla as they made their way in. She was breathing fast.

"This storm is crazy, don't you think?" she practically babbled, elated to be near her sister once more - especially with the wild storm blowing outside.

Halla was altogether quite unimpressed at the storm, the waves, and the air elemental she rode upon. The fact of the matter was, Halla wasn't a happy camper right now - being ignored, tossed around, pelted by stinging snow and pushed at by harsh winds that rode in from the ocean. She had nearly fallen off, multiple times now! She wanted to get back in the water and stay there for some time - undisturbed preferably.

Author:  Seren [ Wed Feb 05, 2014 7:06 pm ]
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Sirocco had done her best to move through the sand, winds, and pounding storm that jerked at her flowy black and red mane, drove sand into her already damp coat, and pummeld her canopy-like wings that were tucked tight, for fear of catching on the wind. She turned about once to try and shout over the storm to her little rider. "Don't worry Halla! Sirocco has you!" Upon spotting her sister's head once again up ahead, she finally slithered the last few yards until she was securely inside the dark cave, perched on a sloped rock near the water, making a quick little noise as he sister spoke and they got closer. "This storm is crazy! Very intense. Like the storm is a bully!" She snuffled, pressing her muzzle against her sister's. She was certainly the best sister anyone could ask for.

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