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 Post subject: Fighting Fire With Fire (Jenn)
 Post Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 10:39 am 
Blue of the Howling Stars
Blue of the Howling Stars
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She knew when she'd been awakened by yelling Samanayrs trying to shake her out of the tree she'd spent the night in that today would be another long and tedious experience.

She'd somehow found herself in a veritable maze of well-patrolled territories, a heavily populated area likely congregated around ideal hot springs, perhaps overlooked by a local Mystic or two. Usually she would just avoid those areas, make her way somewhere safer and more isolated where she could exist in peace for a while.

Except that she couldn't find her way out.

She'd missed the initial warning signs that she was entering a Song's territory, and when she ran across the place's stallion, he hadn't even paused to consider that maybe she was a friendly Misery? The first fire she set that day had been accidental, sparks leaping from her wing tips when startled by the male. She saw it start to burn from the corner of her eye as she ran.

The Misery had fled, only to find herself in another territory with another angry stallion. She didn't set that one on fire because the day wasn't wearing on yet, and he hadn't caught her by surprise.

But by the third her patience was waning, and the fallen leaves on the forest floor that suddenly flared hot behind her weren't quite so accidental. By the time the sun was beginning to descend from the sky, the Misery had been chased from six territories and had set fire to five. She just needed some water and a place to rest, was that really so much to spare to a single traveling Sam?

It had been about half an hour since she set the last fire when she found herself a decently sized rock pile in a small clearing where she could warm herself with the last of the sun's rays before settling in for the night. It wasn't ideal, especially since she had no idea whether it was in another Song's territory or not and she was forced out into open view from the sky, but it would do for tonight.

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