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 Post subject: Trampling in the Flower Field [Open]
 Post Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:30 am 
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The large open meadow that has thousands of flowers from daisies to roses to tulips has always been a favourite place of many sams. Usually only the most social of sams reside in such a colourful and bright place, but sometimes reserved and quiet sams choose to make a home in such a wonderful location.

There are a few cherry blossom trees scattered about and since it is early spring, they are in full bloom. Some petals find thereselves on the ground after a brisk blow of wind sends them packing.

The sky is usually bright and sunny in the meadow, but it does rain and when it does it pours. And when it rains, all the sams seek refuge under the trees or underneath the bushes.

This RP is about the busy life of the sams who reside in the meadow, or who come and try to find a song by wandering.

I'll be RPing Spice of the Fragrant Flower also known as "Spice". She is very peppy and loves to socialize. She is quite lonely though, though she finds friendship with the flowers... odd, right? She wishes for a song of her own, and she can often be found singing softly to herself or talking to a flower.


Everyone is welcome, mares, foals and stallions.
If you have a stallion that is songless, you may also try to find some mares for your song by persuading some of the RPing mares. :)


As Spice stretched her long legs, she yawned. Getting up, Spice headed to her favourite flowers... the roses. As they swayed in the wind, she let out a sigh. She watched a few songs romp after each other, she thought about how she wished for a song of her own.

Walking over to sit underneath a cherry blossom tree, she hoped that a sam would approach and start a chat with her.


 Post subject: Re: Trampling in the Flower Field [Open]
 Post Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2009 12:14 pm 
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Depth sat lonley looking under one of the cherry blossom trees. The wind blew the petals all over the place, almost as if she was in an oriental environment. No smile embrased her face though, only a half neutral half mad frown.

She sat staring off into the distance, overlooking the huge field of flowers, her wings moving with the small spurt of wind. She sighed heavily and picked a flower with one of her hooves. She then looked at it close, it was hot pink with red tips on the insides of the petals. She then began to pluck the petals from the flower, one at a time.

"They love me... they love me not.... " She spoke as the petals were plucked and dropped to the ground. She finally got to the last one and tossed the stem along with the one last petal.

"They love me not..." She sighed again, and layed down, looking up at the sky. She stared at the clouds trying to figure out what shapes were where. She was totaly oblivious to spice who was just feet away.

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