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 Post subject: The Hunt
 Post Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 1:38 pm 
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Indistinct Midnight~Followeyr crept through the long grasses on the edge of Sak'rien territory. It was dangerous, yes, but the thrill of the hunt coursed through her veins and she could not deny it. Desendant of Sak'rien stock herself, Followeyr had always been more aggressive than her songmates, challenging other foals and viciously driving away would-be suitors once she had matured. She needed no stallion.

All she required was the hunt.

A scent drifted to her on the light breeze, and Followeyr's nostrils quivered in the moonlight. The acrid scent of old blood; the scent of a carnivore. Her Samanyr instincts told her to run, and yet she crept forward, her red eyes slitted to minimize reflection from the moon. Both those red eyes and the wicked claws she sported marked her as a throwback, and yet they allowed her to do as she did, hunting the hunters. She must be careful with her talons, the glinting blue tools curving under with each careful step, ever so gently placed upon the ground. Her blue and black coat gave her camoflauge in the darkness, her preferred time for the hunt. No Sak'rien ever expected to be hunted in their own domain. And yet the blood-red claws Followeyr wore were proof of her successes.

The violent and territorial Sak'rien stood by herself in a small copse of trees, red eyes refracting the light to shine in the darkness and looking more like a demon than a Samanyr. Followeyr crept up downwind of her, making little noise. This particular mare seemed omnivorous, for she lowered her head every so often to tear at the grasses by her feet. If one didn't know better, they might even trot straightaway toward her in greeting, and she would strike with fang and talon. A clever ruse.

When Indistinct Midnight~Followeyr tore from the brush, she issued a screaming challenge, loud enough to startle the Sak'rien for the split second it took to leap and tear with those wicked claws. The Samanyr hunter drew first blood, her hard blue claws glistening darkly in the grass as the Sak'rien retreated to a safe distance and sized up her opponent. The scent of the wound left a tang on the air, an adrenalin rush the darkly patterned female Sam lived for. The wound was superficial, but bled heavily and would cost the vicious female in speed and endurance. She bared crimson teeth at Followeyr and charged, razor talons extended to tear at the Sam's body and fangs to rip at her throat.

And still, Followeyr proved skilled and swift, ducking behind a tree to avoid the initial onslaught, galloping through the grasses to outdistance her opponent and circle around to attack again. Expected, the sam had a much harder time inflicting pain upon the Sak'rien mare and she knew she had to end the fight quickly. Swift she was, but she had not the endurance to outlast a full-blooded Sak'rien. The red-taloned mare twisted as Followeyr darted by and with a hind leg, slashed at the Samanyr with devastating results. The blue and black female screamed in rage and pain, whirling upon her rival and slashing with sharpened talons. She withstood no small wounds herself, yet emerged victorious. Her victory cry trilled through the night as she reared over her fallen enemy, her claws darkened black and glistening in the moonlight.

In the days to come, Indistinct Midnight~Followeyr sported a new bracelet for her fore-leg; the glittering crimson claw of the Sak'rien mare and a new scar her trophies from the mighty hunt. She walked without fear.

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