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 Post subject: Re: The Foal's Tale - 500th Sam RP! Concluded!
 Post Posted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 2:35 pm 
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((Oooh, but such an exciting wrap-up! This new species looks darling and I can't wait to see more of them flitting around! Thank you Sushi, both for the fun RP and for the darling stallion! Hope you don't mind if I post a quick wrap up of my own. For Scrap at least since since she was asked to escort Luster. :D ))


Scrap's beak gaped open in awe as the stallion vanished, then reappeared with more little Sams very similar to himself. They were just so...neat! They were bright and they were friendly and they poofed in and out. She looked just as delighed as the little filly. They had found the magical foal, even if he turned out to not be a foal afterall! This was even better! Now Scrap could say she was one of the first to ever meet another species that had come out of hiding to live in this nice place the Sharians had made for them!

The Sa'grisayr was whistling cheerily to herself as she scripted out the story in her head when Luster grinned and winked at her. For a moment she simply stared, blinking a few times, then her furry chest puffed up with pride. "I'd be deeeelighted to show you ayroud the Hotspyrings and ouyr payrty!"

Later in the day, having tried with limited success to drag Luster all over and show him random things, Scrap lounged just beyond the circle of foals as she listened approvingly to the filly's narration. What a story-teller! Splendid! Drowsily she nodded approvingly, the Oquiesa attack spinning off new threads of a tale in her head and gradually merging into her dreams as she dozed off in the warm sun.

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