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 Post Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2012 4:23 pm 
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Well, for now, this thread is just for my growing Sam. I don't RP my Sams often so I don't expect to be putting their bios up here any time soon (it would take too long to do my entire herd!)


Samanayr name: "Flower" - not fully named yet
Gender: Mare
Species: Northern
Age: Foal

Physical description: Long ears and paws. Bright blue eyes. Very light cream/beige base fur color with white underbelly/neck/nose/socks, with a pale, dusty pink giraffe spot-like pattern over the light cream/beige

Personality: A bit of a shy one, she's almost always seen slinking along, eyes trained on the ground, feet nearly tripping on her ears. She'll tend to blush and hide behind her paws if she's approached, and more than once her timid nature has gotten the better of her and sent her scurrying. She adores flowers - a rare sight in her homeland - and will often wander for days to find them. The ones she doesn't keep pressed in a wax-paper diary, she pulps into sweet perfumes to share with the Samanayrs close to her.

Abilities (magical and otherwise): She can find flowers in the deepest snow and darkest forest; her nose has a knack for sniffing out the perfume of blooms. She's also a bit of a naturalist/survivalist, having lived on her own for so long, so she can do many basic outdoors-y things such as build shelter, track various animals (and other Sams), find food and fresh water, and identify some better-known plants and animals.

History: She was orphaned as a foal, but somehow managed to survive among the barren lands of the North. She doesn't remember her parents or any family she might have had. She has always been alone, as far as her memory is concerned, avoiding all other Samanayrs when possible and spending her days providing for herself and - in her spare time - finding and collecting flowers. Her isolation has led her to be lacking in just about every social skill possible, and she's had some hardship - injuries, starvation, and dehydration among them - despite her short life.

Song: N/A

Likes and dislikes: She loves flowers, and to a lesser degree food (just about any type, she's not picky); she could probably eat herself into a stupor if she ended up in a land with any sort of 'plenty'. She likes birds and watching them fly. She loves the stillness of the world when she's alone and the only sound is a slight breeze and the only movement is that of the clouds across the sky. She does NOT tend to like other Samanayrs - feeling awkward around them and not knowing how to speak with them - and much prefers solitude. Despite growing up in the North and feeling appreciative of a warm day with hard-packed, easily-traveled snow, she does NOT like snowstorms (she's barely survived a blizzard or two in her time) and she hates open water (lakes, seas, oceans). She's not a big fan of mice or bugs, either.

Aspirations and goals: She really has none. Her entire goal for the majority of her life has been surviving and gathering flowers; she knows little else.

Fears: Danger, open water, other Samanayrs. She's afraid of any weather (storms, blizzards) and related phenomena (avalanches, landslides, sinkholes, unstable frozen lakebeds) that could possibly injure or kill her, for good reason. She doesn't like open water as she's seen some very large creatures wash up on the shores and can't swim; she doesn't want to become something's dinner. As discussed before, she's scared of interacting with other Sams.

Favorite color: Yellow.

Odd fact: Sometimes she wishes she had wings. She's not a fan of other Sams but she'd really like to fly around the Samanayr world and see what else it has to offer other than the Northern snow-lands; she's overheard rumors of grassy plains and hot deserts but has never left the North to seek them out as she's not sure she could make the trip.

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