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 Post subject: Celestial's Pack of Sams!
 Post Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 11:53 am 
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Samanayr name: Gem of the Scattered Sky

Gender: Mare

Species: Samanayr

Age (foal, yearling, young adult, adult): Young Adult

Physical description: Gem has a lanky build with her being still a bit young. She has smooth, blue skin that has orangish stripes all around her body. She has bright orange eyes that do match her stripes. Her ears are feline-like so she can hear quite well. Without hair on her skin, she does have to be careful about staying out in the sun too long without being in shade. Her hooves are a pale grey, that are somewhat big.

Personality: Gem is one of those happy-go-lucky, the cup is half full, kind of samanayr, well, on the outside, inside she does hold many secrets that she doesn't really like to share. She is somewhat shy in large crowds (like more than 7), but being in a song would be perfectly find with her. She always thought being in one would be quite swell. She loves to run, but can be calm and caring. She loves foals and has a motherly like instinct, despite her being somewhat young. She is also awkward, and has a sense of humor. But she is also slightly protective and can snap. She does get scared sometimes and when she does, she often begins to panic. But after being scared she does sometimes get an adrenaline rush and becomes brave.

Abilities (magical and otherwise): She can run pretty fast?

History: Gem doesn't really have a history besides her parents being a pair song, which influenced her shyness toward crowds from lack of socialization.

Song: She is looking for one.

Likes: Nature, Warmth, Rain, Running, Foals.

Dislikes: Snow and being Cold.

Aspirations and goals: To be in a song.

Favorite color: She likes purple.


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