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Song of the Biting Snow
ID: 234 Status: Semi-Open
- Description -

This is a semi-open song.

Chill and Flit do not require permission to be bred.

Quirk, Waft, and Rain do require permission. Please contact their owners (Kagari, cassiadawn, and Britain, respectively) to obtain it. Kagari and cassiadawn would prefer to be contacted through their PonyIsland accounts, but can be contacted through their Samanayr forum accounts if necessary.

If you recieve a foal, I request that you inform me either through PI or the Samanayr forum. My username on both sites is Saiki.

- Lead Stallion -
Owned by Saiki
- Lead Mare -
Flit of the Darting Snow
Owned by Nathalia

- Mares -
Rain of the Winter Branches
Owned by Britain
Owned by cassiadawn
Quirk of the Confused Tropics
Owned by Kagari
- Offspring -
Icies of the Gelid Effulgence
Foal of Flit of the Darting Snow
Song of the Luminescent Ice
Mystic of the Iridescent Icicles
Foal of Flit of the Darting Snow
Song of the Arctic Flurry
Foal of Quirk of the Confused Tropics
Song of the Thirteenth Hour
Foal of Waft
Not currently in a Song
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