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Song of the Eternal Meander
ID: 251 Status: Semi-Open
- Description -

You've stumbled upon the Song of the Eternal Meander! Quite a feat, as these samanayrs travel constantly.

This is a semi-open song: you do not need permission from Rekyrem to request a breed with Wrath, but if you're requesting a breed with Paean or Ferocity you'll need to contact Aranea or Echos.

- Lead Stallion -
Voyage of the Deep Beryl
Owned by Aranea
- Lead Mare -
Paean of the Elegant Dagger
Owned by Aranea

- Mares -
Ferocity of the Flowing Lava
Owned by Echos
Wrath of the Burning Desert
Owned by Rekyrem
- Offspring -
Contemplation of the Bustling Bazaar
Foal of Paean of the Elegant Dagger
Song of the Unmeasured Concord
Flight of the Abysmal Blade
Foal of Paean of the Elegant Dagger
Song of the Flying Dreams
Lyric of the Graceful Heliodor
Foal of Paean of the Elegant Dagger
Not currently in a Song
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