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Song of the Ignis Pride
ID: 301 Status: Semi-Open
- Description -

Ignis pride! Fire and Proud Sams are welcome in this song! This song is semi-open and requires the mare's owner to give permission to breed. Roar, Allure and Fever do not require permission. Please contact all other owners.

- Lead Stallion -
Roar of the Nemean Lion
Owned by RikkuGirl
- Lead Mare -
Fever of the Northern Heatwave
Owned by Nova Night

- Mares -
Curl of the Burning Leaf
Owned by Jaes
Allure of the Stubborn Bull
Owned by Rekyrem
Delicate of the Vivid Hues
Owned by Codress
- Offspring -
Passion of the Thundering Tundra
Foal of Fever of the Northern Heatwave
Song of the Scorched Earth
Salvo of the Taming Wildfire
Foal of Delicate of the Vivid Hues
Song of the Fallen Light
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