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Song of the Mismatched Sort
ID: 238 Status: Semi-Open
- Description -

What seems to be a hastily thrown together Song may just be a bundle of love all about for these dear Sams and Lams!

Our head mare, Metal of the Mountain Vein, needs permission from her owner Shadowphyr. We would also very much like it if you would PM HybridSiren if you breed at all with this song, especially if it's successful! :3

- Lead Stallion -
Fear of the Homesick Wanderer
Owned by HybridSiren
- Lead Mare -
Metal of the Mountain Vein
Owned by Shadowphyr

- Mares -
Crunch of the Autumn Sweet
Owned by HybridSiren
Settling of the Gentle Sun
Owned by Rekyrem
Maiden of the Bounteous Nectar
Owned by CosmicDragon
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