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Song of the Summer Solstice
ID: 180 Status: Semi-Open
- Description -

Leaf is so excited that his song is growing! Flurry requires permission to breed. All that Asara and Yildun require is a forum message letting them know that Sunshine or Guardian feature in your breeding plans. We like to know when our Sams might be having babies! :)

- Lead Stallion -
Leaf of the Edging Frost
Owned by AsaraDragon
- Lead Mare -
Sunshine of Eternal Summer
Owned by AsaraDragon

- Mares -
Flurry of the Green Winter
Owned by superdoug
Guardian of the Treasured Home
Owned by Yildun
- Offspring -
Bud of the Edging Winter
Foal of Flurry of the Green Winter
Song of the Thundering Bravado
Sprout of Winter's End
Foal of Flurry of the Green Winter
Song of the Sprightly Shrub
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