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Song of the Watchful Breeze
ID: 219 Status: Semi-Open
- Description -

All mares except for Flash are currently available for breed without permission from their owners but please check with either Echos or Pathos on PI or the forums that the mares are not already being used.

- Lead Stallion -
Owned by Echos
- Lead Mare -
Owned by Jennalyn

- Mares -
Flash of the Imperial Sky
Owned by Pathos
Cloud of the Etched Sky
Owned by Marbletoast
Trill of the Sky's Prism
Owned by Orasteele
- Offspring -
Spirit of the Unending Skies
Foal of Flash of the Imperial Sky
Song of the Motley Spirit
Foal of Whirlwind
Not currently in a Song
Foal of Whirlwind
Song of the Transcendental Spirit
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