Bluestarwolf12 to Sharian Trade

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Bluestarwolf12 to Sharian Trade

Post by Bluestarwolf12 »

Username: Bluestarwolf12
Item I am trading for: Rarity modiem x6 (30 points)
Items I am paying with:

Silver Bark x5 (15 pts)
Rainbow Lam Feather x2 (4 pts)
Sunsnap Flower x1 (2 pts)
Tandil Berries x1 (2 pts)
Brown Lam Feather x1 (1 pt)
Rosa Berries x1 (1 pt)

+1x Silver Bark and 1x Tandil Berries (5 pts) from my trade with ElvenArcher
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Re: Bluestarwolf12 to Sharian Trade

Post by Sushidragon »

Done (and then deleted because the breeding was successful and I was behind on the trading post posts XD; )!
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