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Bluestarwolf12's Growing Sam Profile

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Samanayr name: Hunter of the Frigid Tundra
Gender: Colt
Species: Northern
Age: Yearling
RP Font Color: #FFBF80

Physical description: Small, tan, and very fluffy. Darker tan stripes that grew in with his Yearling shed. Bobtail, black-clawed paws, and saber-like fangs which were all present when he was a foal. Small black horns of unknown type, one of which was broken off during a fight with an O'Quiesa.

Personality: Adventure-loving little scrap of fluff that once believed he wasn't a Sam, but now knows that he came from the Song of the Frigid Icefalls which was mostly destroyed by an O'Quiesa pack. He likes hunting small animals, and has gotten much better at it since he was a foal. He loves seeing new places and going on new adventures with his Mage Construct, O'Qui (found during an RP expedition), though they do know the difference between fun and potentially life-threatening.

He has a fascination with O'Quiesas, though mostly all they've ever done is try to kill him. He is content having his little canine-esque scrap of fur accompanying him on all of his journeys instead of a full-blown predatory dog.

Everywhere the duo goes, Hunter tells anyone who will listen about all of his grand adventures. He hopes to one day be trained as an official Storyteller, but for now he'll settle for just being a Sam with some awesome stories to tell.

Abilities (magical and otherwise): The ability to scratch, bite, and pounce on things. He has tree-climbing capabilities on par with a baby bear, and is a relatively fast runner. Thick fur provides him with high resistance to cold temperatures.

History: The little fellow awoke alone one morning, buried in snow in a Northern clearing. He began a slow trek south once he decided he was alone, but soon realized he was being hunted by O'Quiesas. He discovered his taste for adventure while wandering that evergreen forest on his way south, and learned how to hunt and sustain himself by watching the O'Quiesas from a distance. Eventually he found himself entrenched in Samanayr society in the south. He participated in an expedition where he met his travelling companion O'Qui, and the two have been exploring together ever since.

They met many different Sams in their time South, but as summer approached they decided to adventure North again where they met a mute mare that begrudgingly took them in. After a few days staying with her, it was uncovered that she was a member of his destroyed birth Song, Liberation, and had spent the last year locked in a battle of wills with the O'Quiesa that killed her Songmates. Hunter and O'Qui fought and slayed the creature, and Liberation had its pelt turned into a cloak as a trophy for Hunter.

They then departed to continue their grand adventures.

Birth Song: Song of the Frigid Icefalls (all but Liberation deceased)
Song: N/A
Likes: Snow, hunting, adventuring, exploring, watching wild O'Quiesas from a safe distance, telling other Sams about his adventures, fish
Dislikes: Not hunting successfully, staying in one place for too long, warm climates, putting O'Qui in real danger
Aspirations and goals: To find new adventures around every corner! And to someday become a trained Storyteller instead of just an unofficial one.
Favorite color: White
Odd fact: Despite not remembering his parents, he takes after his father and has his same zest for life and will to make the most of it.
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