Testing 1-2-3

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Testing 1-2-3

Post by oakleafwolf »

Hey folks!

With the forum hopefully back online we need to check it for bugs!

Can you access what you're supposed to?
Can you see old threads and make new ones?

Check 'er out!
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Re: Testing 1-2-3

Post by RikkuGirl »

I finally got in!!!! Yay hii forum!!! Hi Oak!!!

Sorry just my first post in a while so... Yay. I'll fart around here later and let you know anything I find!!!
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Re: Testing 1-2-3

Post by Codress »

So far the fews things I have messed with was the stuff I told you on discord. Other than that the database itself seeing stuff here and there. I know Bighorns was trying to get in there and he isn't able to register. Sushi said that party isn't working right now for him to get signed up to update his Sam's and songs. I was able to get it on mine and able to add a Sam and Mrs with some of my songs. So once in think most is goody. :lol: ;)
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