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Modiems are the most common type of object that the Sharians trade away. Each looks like a tiny glass sphere of varying color on a chain, and each contains a bit of magic. They can only be used at breeding time, and will have an effect on the offspring. What effect a modiem has depends on the type used, and the combination. To use one, the Samanayr the magic is to be cast on crushes the modiem beneath a hoof, releasing the energy from inside.

Modiem Types and Effects

There are currently six different modiem types - trait, color, pattern, species, breeding, and rarity. Although a single modiem can be used at a time, modiems function best in pairs and are strongest when paired with a modiem of the same type, but some combinations will have no effect when used together. What each type does singularly and when paired is outlined below.

Used alone Trait Color Pattern Species Breeding
Trait Random common/uncommon trait Custom common/uncommon trait Random trait, random color Random trait, random pattern N/A Random trait, any rarity possible
Color Random color, custom location Random trait, random color Custom color, custom location Custom colored pattern N/A Two custom colors, random location
Pattern Random pattern Random pattern, random trait Custom colored pattern Custom pattern (location and color) N/A Random pattern, custom location
Species Foal is random common species N/A N/A N/A Foal is custom common or uncommon species Foal is random common, uncommon, or rare species
Breeding Choose gender of foal Random trait, any rarity possible Two custom colors, random location Random pattern, custom location Foal is random common, uncommon, or rare species N/A

Rarity Modiem Effects

Rarity modiems serve to boost the rarity of the main modiem's effect. They cannot be used on their own and must be paired with at least one other modiem. The numbers shown below are how many rarity modiems must be used to get the effect listed. For example, if you wanted a unique trait (+3 unique), you'd have to use a trait modiem and three rarity modiems.

Trait Color Pattern Species Breeding Rarity
+1 rare
+3 very rare
+5 new trait
+1 custom gradient
+2 rainbow
+1 two custom patterns +2 custom rare species
+10 new species
+2 twins
+5 triplets
+1 random effect
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