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Sharian Item List

The following is a list of the currently known items that can be traded from the Sharians. Each item is listed with its name, image, cost in trade points, effect, whether it can be equipped or not and what to, and availability. These items cannot be traded back to the Sharians for an equivalent amount of trade goods, and cost is subject to change at any time.

Currently there are three types of items - Modiems, Amulets, and Totems. Once an equippable item, such as a Totem or Amulet, has been equipped, it becomes attuned to its specific Samanayr or Song and cannot be equipped to a new Samanayr or Song.


Modiems are individual spells, each kept inside a tiny glass sphere strung on a chain suitable for a Samanayr. Modiems can only be used during a Samanayr breeding and are not equippable. Please see the Modiems Effects page for more information.

Name Image Cost Availability Effect Equip


Amulets are very special items that can only be equipped to a single Samanayr. The Amulet becomes attuned to the Samanayr it is equipped to, and cannot be removed and put on another Samanayr. Amulet effects are Samanayr-specific, and can have an effect on all offspring the Samanayr has, or do something to the Samanayr itself.

Name Image Effect Value


Totems are very delicate objects that are owned by and have an effect on an entire Song. It is very difficult to set one up, and once a Totem has been aligned with its specific Song it cannot be equipped to a new Song. Totems may effect a Song's offspring, allow for more Song members, or have other effects.

Name Image Effect Value
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